_Strategic and creative brand consulting
_Development of brand positioning
_Concrete action planning and website conception



Everyone wants to make their contribution to environmental protection and less waste. This is exactly the idea behind NOWASTE, a leading manufacturer of product solutions made from natural raw materials. With success. For example, the ®treecup, a reusable cup used by companies such as adidas, google, Alnatura, the German Bundestag or the DFB (German Football Association), saved 20 million disposable cups in 2016 alone. If all these cups were placed next to each other, this would correspond to a distance of 2,000 kilometres


Strategische und kreative Beratung bei der kommunikativen Neuorientierung. Von der klaren Positionierung der Marke bis zur Entwicklung eines nachhaltigen Kommunikationskonzeptes.


Everything starts with the brand. The brand was examined in detail and sharpened in several workshops. Brand positioning, elevator statement and jointly developed quality promise form the basis for all future communication measures and the new sales alignment. Then the central messages were defined and written very pragmatically using the new website as an example. These can now be used in the form of target group-specific text modules for many communication tools.

Client quote

„Die Zusammenarbeit mit ebene c hat uns geholfen, unser Markenprofil zu schärfen und der Kommunikation eine neue Tonalität zu verleihen. Wir treten jetzt klarer, am Markt auf. Kurz: hohe Fachkompetenz, Umsetzungsstärke und sie waren schnell Teil der Mannschaft.“

Babak Norooz, Geschäftsführer

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