_Purpose Driven Strategy
_Definition of value-oriented goals



Weleda is the world's leading manufacturer of certified natural cosmetics and anthroposophic medicines. The product portfolio includes more than 1,000 medicines worldwide, a large number of manufactures and 120 natural cosmetics. They are developed according to a unique understanding of man and nature. Weleda products are available on 5 continents in over 50 countries. More than 2,500 employees are committed to their development, production and marketing internationally.



Supporting the management in the further development of the international corporate strategy. The goal: to condense the extensive strategy papers developed to date together with the individual strategies of the business units into an overall strategy with an overarching purpose. And at the same time to make this tangible for all Weleda employees with action-oriented statements.


For reasons of confidentiality, we can only outline the general procedure here: Within a series of workshops with physical meetings, telephone consultations and supporting documents, the management developed with ebene c a Purpose Driven Strategy in 6 modules on the basis of an activating purpose and corresponding action guidelines.

_Modul 1:

Analysis and condensation of previous strategy documents into an activating Purpose.

_Modul 2:

Developing action guidelines that translate the various dimensions of Purpose into tangible, simple phrases that can guide action in daily work.

_Modul 3:

Definition of key topic areas for the strategy as a basis for target definition.


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_Modul 4:

Analysis of the strategy dimensions of the individual business units with regard to the Purpose.

_Modul 5:

Definition of goals based on corporate purpose and the strategic goals of the business units.

_Modul 6:

Definition of corresponding KPIs, responsibilities and an initial roadmap.


"What was particularly valuable about the collaboration with ebene c was that we were able to work very effectively and in a concentrated manner thanks to the intensive preparation and structured approach. The systemic view of Stefan Bohrmann and Arne Mack and their ability to quickly grasp our way of thinking and acting are another reason for the success of the collaboration."

After a relatively short time, we now have a result that will hopefully accompany us for many years as a basis for our value-oriented actions as entrepreneurs and employers. Thank you for the intensive days. We look forward to further cooperation!"

Dr. Aldo Ammendola

Chief Research & Development Officer, Executive Board Weleda Group

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