Lively brand positioning

To be effective brands must live in people's minds, not in the cupboard. That's why, when positioning them, we use collaborative processes with teams that are as heterogeneous as possible and the people who are shaping the brand every day: employees, partners, customers etc

_Positioning Statement, Vision, Mission Statement, Why, Strategy, Key messages


employer branding

In order to attract, retain and motivate good employees, every company must develop its own path. This is not to be found in textbooks or on the Internet, but in the connection between the heart and brain of the people who already work there.

_Ownership, Trust, Motivation, Identity

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Collaborative Innovation

Products or processes developed with colleagues live longer and pay off earlier. That's why we develop and moderate workshop series that promote creativity, change perspectives and facilitate interaction.

_Creativity, Moderation, Design Thinking, Communication, Culture of opportunity, Start-ups


Brand oriented transformation

Digitalization, war for Talents, new work, sustainability - the pressure for continuous change is greater today than ever before. Thus the ability to rely on your brand has never been more important. The combination of unambiguous positioning, a clear marketing strategy and a suitable action filter creates orientation and measurable criteria for goal-oriented development.

_Change, brand building, future ready


Solution-oriented change

The step from the problem to the solution is more than a change of perspective. It is the basis for goal-oriented and effective change processes and the foundation of our consulting. We accompany managers and teams with a systematic view to develop and achieve their own solutions in pragmatic steps


_Individual and team coaching, personal and professional development


Healthy teams

We take a literal definition of collaboration . And we support teams in jointly defining and implementing goals, success criteria, rules and limits. With the firm conviction that a healthy team is the basis for every successful change. 

_We as a brand, goal orientation, appreciative communication, culture of success, spirit



We are all only human, so when people work together sometimes, they snap. We like to deal with that. Because in conflicts and times of crisis there is often the greatest potential for growth. This is where you need to focus on your strengths and develop them for professional and personal success

_Team building, conflict management, change, crisis management, resilience, internal communication


Creative collaboration

Solve tasks in a playful way. Learn to think in new ways, experience your own creativity. This makes cooperation efficient, strengthens trust in oneself and others. We believe: real added value.

_Creativity, New Work, Resources, Co-Creation

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