Mach Dich Stark
Continuous brand support

_Communication consulting



In Baden-W├╝rttemberg, every 5th child is poor or at risk of poverty. MACH DICH STARK - the initiative for children in the southwest - was founded in 2015 to establish solidarity, raise awareness and bring about long-term change. Initiated by Caritas, MACH DICH STARK creates networks and calls for a fight against child poverty.



Long-term support of the initiative as brand consultants, sparring partners and moderators.



The support of MACH DICH STARK is characterized by three main topics: Focusing, further development and networking. The role of ebene c was and is to support MACH DICH STARK in its role as multiplier and mouthpiece, to advise on setting the course for the future and the corresponding networking.

Client quote

"Collaboration with ebene c is an important enrichment for MACH DICH STARK. With their clarity, Stefan Bohrmann and Arne Mack provide us with significant support in developing our profile. They help us to keep an eye on the essentials and provide the necessary dose of courage to venture off the beaten track and dare to try something new. And it is paying off! We are glad to have Stefan Bohrmann and Arne Mack at our side with their experience, confidence and heart in the cause."


Kim Hartmann, Coordinator MACH DICH STARK

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