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A. Vogel is now the largest manufacturer of phytotherapeutics and healthy nutrition products on the Swiss market. A.Vogel products are available in over 25 countries. The founder Alfred Vogel was a well-known Swiss naturopathy pioneer. Throughout his life, he championed the use of natural and herbal medicine. His work has contributed significantly to the recognition of the special role of herbal medicines in the modern world. For example, the immune-strengthening effect of Echinaforce gained new prominence in pandemic times.




Conceptual and moderating support in the definition of a new product range strategy and in the development of product innovations in a creative, collaborative process.


An agile approach with 7 modules for the international team with different collaborative elements: Creative workshops, strategy recommendation, rapid prototyping and market research.

_Modul 1 / Market Research: In-house market research on competitive products and potentials in all relevant markets.

_Modul 2 / Creativity Rules: In a specifically moderated creative process, R&D employees from 7 different national companies develop product ideas for selected target groups or defined symptoms in one day.

_Modul 3 / Concept Phase: ebene c entwickelt aus den Ideen Produkt-Konzepte und deren Visualisierung durch eine Graphic Recorderin.

_Modul 4 / Make it Better: In a one-day workshop with the managing directors of all internationally relevant markets, ideas are turned into marketable product concepts with the highest possible synergies for worldwide distribution.

_Modul 5 / Rapid Prototyping: Based on the strategy recommendation, the R&D department develops first product concepts.

 _Modul 6 / Market Research : Marketing, R&D and ebene c jointly develop concepts that are tested in the context of international market research.

_Modul 7 / Optimisation of the conceptsthrough marketing, R&D and ebene c. Details of the further steps cannot be published here for reasons of confidentiality.

Client quote

"With the agile product development process, we are taking a new, contemporary approach: international cooperation between R&D, marketing and management at eye level. ebene c has accompanied us in this process from the very beginning. With the overall concept and their facilitation, Stefan Bohrmann and Arne Mack manage to awaken potentials in us that we did not know ourselves. They create a creative, appreciative atmosphere with unusual methods as a recipe for success, in which excellent work results emerge that don't feel like work at all."

Dr. Andy Suter, CEO
A.Vogel Bioforce AG

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