Why ebene c?
Good question.

And good questions lead to effective further development. Because it is about real change. Not about papers that get forgotten in drawers. Not about decorative guidelines hanging around in hallways. It's about change in minds and hearts. Even if that sounds pathetic. There is no other way. Only then does change have a lasting effect.

ebene c has been supporting brands and people for over 10 years in their further development. You can ask our customers how ebene c works.

By the way, the "c" in level c means something like Courage, Challenge, Communication or Creativity. But also Charisma, Cool and Computer.
And Champagner.

ebene c / Consulting for Brands and People


We accompany you.
Withpersonal touch and real curiosity.

Our promise of impact:


Clear Vision
A co-developed image of the future - expressed through positioning, corporate strategy and/or purpose - as a living orientation aid in daily work.

Conscious Communication
Appreciation, openness and empathy, along with clearly defined roles and goals, create the basis for trusting communication between staff, partners and clients.

Culture of Empowerment
Giving and taking responsibility shapes a culture of togetherness in which people and teams do not hide behind structures, processes or hierarchies, but truly participate in shaping them.


Here are the stories of effectiveness.

Method focus instead of industry mainstream.

Our beliefs.

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