Stefanie Resa Hausner
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Customers say about Stefanie Resa Hausner

"Resa Hausner creates an open discussion atmosphere at eye level, which enables a real exchange between the participants. I have benefited greatly from the new impulses in the field of conflict management!"

Structured and clarifying coaching. Ms. Hausner listens attentively, making me rethink my old patterns and thus enabled me to see things from a new perspective."

"Individual, very well prepared training. Ms Hausner's view of problems is creative and solution-oriented. This has given me the courage to tackle difficulties and solve them step by step"


Teaching and knowledge transfer

_Lecturer for strategic communication and conflict management at the DHBW
_Lecturer for rhetoric at fortbildung1.de
_Communication and rhetoric training


After studying General Rhetoric M.A. in Tübingen, she held his first teaching posts at the Leibniz Kolleg Tübingen and the Duale Hochschule Stuttgart. Lecturing activities are extended by several years of training experience in the fields of strategic communication, rhetoric and conflict management. At the same time, she completed a two-year further training course as a systemic consultant. The systemic method is applied both in team development and individual coaching. As a consultant and trainer she has worked for the Auto Bebion Group, the Diakonisches Werk Württemberg and the University of Tübingen, among others.

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