Interplay between strategy and corporate culture

Whether you call it change, transformation or further development - the increasing complexity of markets, reduced predictability, generational change and a shortage of skilled labour make business decisions particularly challenging. And at the same time opportunities for shaping the future.

Our many years of expertise as a consultant for brands and people show that sustainable success can only be achieved through the close, internal interaction of strategic and cultural fields of action.

For example, a sales strategy will only fly if the employees themselves live it and actively shape it. The digitalisation of processes requires the expertise and, above all, the acceptance of everyone involved. And the chances of attracting and retaining employees increase enormously if managers credibly stand up for the company's purpose.

This interplay between the various fields of action is a continuous process and is different in every company. In our experience, the following six steps are typical:


Key questions at a first meeting are:
_Where is the company in this process?
_How clearly are the fields of action and their objectives defined and communicated?
_Who are the key drivers of development? Who are the main blockers? Both are important!

The collaboration is based on the ebene c canvas, which also serves as an overview and monitoring tool:


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