Effective evolution


Our world is changing at an increasing pace and with it, companies and organisations. ebene c accompanies brands and people in using these changes for their effective further evolution: tangible, measurable, lively and sustainable.


The interaction of the following dimensions is considered:

_Clear Vision

_Conscious Communication

_Culture of Empowerment

of effective evolution


Clear Vision

A co-developed image of the future - expressed through positioning, corporate strategy and/or purpose - does not belong in a drawer, but as a living orientation aid in daily work.

Typical questions

  • Where are we today, where do we want to be tomorrow?
  • How can we position ourselves in the market more clearly and develop our company?
  • How do we know we are on the right track?

Key words:

Strategy Development, Purpose Driven Strategy, Mission Statement, Vision, Mision, Philosophy


Conscious Communication

Appreciation, openness and empathy, along with clearly defined roles and goals, create the basis for trusting communication between staff, partners and clients.

Typical questions

  • How do we create an atmosphere for understanding and constructive debate?
  • How do our messages come across better to our customers?
  • How do we attract new employees and retain existing ones?

Key words:

Core messages, Feedback, Individual and Team Coaching, Employer Branding


Culture of Empowerment

Giving and taking responsibility shapes a culture of togetherness in which people and teams do not hide behind structures, processes or hierarchies, but truly participate in shaping them.

Typical questions

  • What leadership or action guidelines can help us?
  • How well do we learn together from mistakes / How good are we as a learning system?
  • Which processes promote or hinder our agility?

Key words:

Decision making, trust, responsibility, ownership, role definition, identity

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