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For over 50 years, markilux has stood for the development and manufacture of high-quality sun shading solutions - Made in Germany. markilux awnings are characterised in particular by their quality, award-winning design and innovative technology. The brand's charisma can be experienced in the flagship stores in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Lörrach and at the Emsdetten / Münster location and is reflected in various brand awards, including The Major German Brands 2023, German Brand Award, German Innovation Award, the reddot Design Award and the iF Design Award 2024.

markilux. The best under the sun.


Building on a solid brand positioning and a broad-based marketing campaign with online, print and TV communication, the entire markilux sales team was to be trained in consistent brand alignment. A central element of this was the switch to a selective sales system, i.e. the establishment of quality sales focussing on selected specialist retail partners. To achieve this, legal, brand-specific and sales-related aspects had to be taught and trained in a step-by-step series of workshops. This required suitable and creative methods that would use moderation to bring together all points of view, address questions and perceived hurdles and challenges and make the content interactive and practical for the entire sales team. In order to meet the requirements of the market and markilux's understanding of quality, the future direction of marketing and sales was developed in parallel in the form of a workshop with the members of the management and the management team.


In cooperation with the sales consultancy "Green Carpet", a holistic development and training programme was defined in a multi-stage process in order to effectively prepare the sales team for a consistent brand orientation and at the same time reflect the strategic brand orientation of markilux. The central aim was to create a new awareness of the importance of the brand and a new, shared understanding of sales and marketing among all those involved. The various meetings combined legal, brand-specific and sales-related topics. Regular feedback loops within the workshop series and also afterwards in the internal sales follow-up process led to an improvement in quality sales and a strengthening of the brand positioning of markilux among the specialist retail partners.


Client quote

"Stefan Bohrmann has taken up the complexity of our workshop content well and made it tangible for all participants through a lively, methodically intelligent and varied presentation. This has laid the foundation for an even closer integration of sales and marketing, which is essential for us in the very dynamic market landscape. With his support, markilux is ideally positioned to successfully maintain its course even in turbulent times."

Christiane Berning

Head / Manager - Marketing & Business Development


„Die Umstellung auf ein selektives Vertriebssystem war ein hochstrategischer und wichtiger Schritt, um markilux in einem wettbewerbsintensiven Umfeld stark und konkurrenzfähig zu halten. Dazu bedurfte es neben den rechtlichen und strukturellen Rahmenbedingungen auch des inhaltlichen und motivierenden „Mitnehmens“ der Vertriebsmannschaft via Austausch, Reflexion und persönlichem Involvement.
Stefan Bohrmann hat dies fachlich und mit seiner ganz eigenen Handschrift hervorragend begleitet und damit einen wertvollen Baustein zum Ganzen beigetragen.“

Klaus Wuchner

CEO Sales & Marketing


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