Workshop series brand development

_Workshop series brand development _Collaborative brand positioning
_Condensation of the results in a brand passport

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Bioland is the leading association for organic farming in Germany. More than 8,000 farmers, gardeners, beekeepers and winegrowers farm according to the Bioland guidelines. In addition, there are more than 1,000 partners from production and trade such as bakeries, dairies, butchers and gastronomy. Together they form a community of values for the benefit of man and the environment.


The strong growth of members in a short period of time and the cooperation with new trading partners - above all with Lidl - poses new challenges for the Bioland brand. For this purpose, the brand is to be analysed, sharpened and further developed in an interactive process in which as many participants as possible are involved.
The most important goal: to involve all members and partners of Bioland in this further development and to talk to the world with one voice.


Together with Bioland Marketing, ebene c developed a holistic brand development process with 5 modules:


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_Module 1: Overall process design

Here was defined
_How can representatives from all Bioland groups involved be involved?
_How are decisions made?
_Which process steps does healthy brand development need?
_When and how does the overall process become a success?

Module 2: Workshop series
Brand positioning with the agile brand model of ebene c

__Personal invitation to representatives of various interest groups in Bioland _National workshop series (middle, south, north) with a total of almost 100 participants
Nationale Workshop-Reihe (Mitte, Süd, Nord) mit insgesamt fast 100 Teilnehmenden

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_Module 3: Condensation of the results

_Condensation of the 3 different versions of the agile Bioland brand models into one picture

_Development of central messages on the areas: overall goal, topics, uniqueness

_Modul 4: Presentation
_Presentation and discussion in the executive committee

_Further condensation, sharpening of the messages in a printed brand fact book
_Presentation and unanimous adoption of the contents by the Presidium

_Module 5: Target group adequate implementation
_Adaptation of the contents of the Brand Fact Book for all relevant target groups and the corresponding communication tools

Client quote

"We are actually rather skeptical about consultants. Stefan Bohrmann and Arne Mack have led us through the agile brand model of ebene c or rather with their structured and at the same time empathic approach in an almost playful way to a result that was unanimously accepted. This is very rare for us. We are pleased that the two Bioland will continue to accompany us".

Regina Müller
Teamleiterin Marketing, Bioland e.V.

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