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Primavera is the pioneer of armomatherapy and plant powers. As the market and quality leader, Primavera inspires its customers with the natural healing power of wonderfully scented plant oils. The company's extensive brand portfolio includes a total of 800 articles in the areas of fragrances, body care and facial products based on essential oils.

Founded in 1986, the company enjoys a highly respected reputation for quality, which is reflected in its many awards: New Ethics Award, Entrepreneur of the Year for co-founder Ute Leube, Green Brands seal of approval and Primavera as Brand of the Century in 2015. The purpose-built company building is climate-neutral and attracts around 50,000 on-site visitors a year with its fragrant flower garden, Nature's Paradise. Translated with (free version)

Primavera has been awarded the German Sustainability Award 2022 in the corporate category. With more than 1,000 applications, the competition, which was held for the 14th time, is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and underscores the importance of sustainable, fair actions and business practices at Primavera since the company was founded.


Assit the company's management team in developing the overall corporate strategy and its orientation for R&D, production, marketing, sales and sustainability for the next three years.


Series of workshops with the management and senior executives as well as continuous support on central brand and marketing issues. After a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, ebene c divided the development process into modules:

  1. Further development of the Primavera brand positioning
  2. Definition of the strategy pillars (such as marketing, R&D, supply chain, etc.) including operational targets and corresponding KPIs.
  3. Entwicklung von Strategien zur Kommunikation der zukünftigen Ausrichtung von PVL für alle Stakeholder.

Result: Clearly organised procedure, comprehensible structure of the content with clear responsibilities.

Client quote

"What I particularly appreciate about Stefan Bohrmann are three things: He understood me as a founder, entrepreneur and visionary. He always keeps an overview, even when things were complex and we had discussions that threw the schedule into disarray. And: his appreciative, respectful, humorous and playful manner, which helped to lead our team to the right results."

Kurt Ludwig Nübling
Founder & Owner, Primavera Life


"Working with Stefan Bohrmann is an important contribution to us continuing to position ourselves as market leaders. His high quality standards, intelligent and creative way of accompanying us as a group is exactly what the PRIMAVERA brand needs now."

 Martin Frevert
Managing Director, Primavera Life


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