10. November 2020

Zeit für Klarheit

Clarity - the solution for turbulent times. Discover our brand navigation model now.
7. September 2020

Wie geht Workshop?

15. July 2020

Erfolgsfaktor Moderation

Markenworkshops, Kreativ-Workshops, Abstimmungsmeetings, Vorlesungen, Kommunikationstrainings, Change- und Innovationsprozesse, Einzel-Coachings – kosequent moderiert geht alles.
22. March 2020

How to plan and moderate online workshops effectively

20. March 2020

Important Basics

1. March 2020

Creative Technology: What would Darth Vader say?

27. January 2020

But? Why? What else? Short questions making dialogs more effective

With these 3 questions you can not only speed up dialogues - if you use them correctly, you will come up with a lot of new ideas […]
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