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Brand Positioning Workshop

_Agile brand model
_Developing target groups
_Brand alignment



Mount Hagen is one of the pioneers in the organic coffee market. In 1986, the idea of growing coffee biodynamically in Papua New Guinea became a reality. It was the cornerstone of a real struggle for fairness between the producer and its partners, and above all the beginning of what it remains today: the epitome of finest coffee, whose original flavors hint at the adventure of its origins.


In order to ensure that the marketing measures for the Mount Hagen brand, particularly in the areas of communication and sales, continue to be precisely aligned with the brand’s values, their brand positioning has been put to the test. Do the core messages still hold true? In a market where the number of competitors and new products has grown extensively, are we reaching existing and, above all, new target groups? What is the future direction of the Mount Hagen brand? On behalf of the lead agency ko:ma in Hamburg, this was the agenda.



The mission of the workshop was to bring together points of view, discuss them vigorously and then set the course. That is exactly how it played out. The location couldn't have been nicer - Hamburg Blankenese with a view of the Elbe. Sensational coffee (of course) and the Franzbrötchen from Hansen's Backstube next door. Sleeves rolled up, ebene c, together with the management, the marketing management and the managing creative directors of the agency ko:ma from Hamburg, moderated a brand strategy meeting that considered all facets of future brand design. The agile brand model of ebene c integrated facts from social media analysis, trend studies, feedback from sales partners and, above all, Mount Hagen's own ideas and perspectives. The result: A sheet on which the future of the brand is written.

Client quote

"The challenge for this appointment was the many perspectives of the Mount Hagen brand. Marketing management, agency, social media management and myself as someone who literally lives the brand. Stefan Bohrmann succeeded in tying together all the views of the participants and all facets of the brand in one compact day, adopting them coherently for all. As they say in online forums: Superbly run, would happily take part again, my warmest recommendation."

Karsten Suhr

Mount Hagen,
Prokurist Wertform GmbH, Hamburg

"With Stefan as a sparring partner and facilitator, you can really make a difference and move brands forward. Always a great pleasure."

Barbara Kohlhas, Managing Director, ko:ma, Hamburg

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