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Founded in 2007, NATRUE was for the founding members Wala, Weleda, Laverana, Primavera, Logocos and Cep the solution to the lack of an international definition for natural and organic cosmetics and the answer to the increase of greenwashing activities in this segment. Today, the Brussels-based non-profit organisation has consolidated its position as the international representative for the protection and promotion of natural and organic cosmetics worldwide. With 7000 certified products from over 300 brands, over 500 certified approved raw materials and over 70 members worldwide, NATRUE is the trusted consumer label for authentic natural and organic cosmetics.



Accompanying the Board of Directors in brand positioning, future orientation and definition of redlines or framework conditions that provide orientation for all members involved.



International workshops - personal and digital.
With the Board of Directors, the positioning of NATRUE was sharpened by means of the ebene c brand model and the main topics of the brand were jointly defined and deepened in terms of content. In addition to technical aspects, the focus was also on the systemic interaction of the participants. For this purpose, creative scenarios were used to develop the best possible cooperation, which was then bundled and adopted in a charter.


Client quote

"A particular challenge with NATRUE is that despite a common goal, there are proprietary issues and the members are in fact also operating in a competitive situation in the market. This makes it challenging for all involved. With his experience and systemic approach, and also with a pleasant mix of methodology and time pressure, Stefan Bohrmann has always guided us along the common path."

Dr. Bernhard Irrgang / Prof. Dr. Florian Stintzing,
Presidents NATRUE

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